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Project Vidarr

A proposal to give to the civil protection a dynamic and flexible system that seeks to minimize the costs and the time building of the temporary housing after a natural disaster

The ideal city

It is a new concept of modern city design.

NO TRAFFIC  ...and... in a 30 minutes you can reach any place in the city!

F E A T U R E D 



Vidarr: The Project Vidarr is patented.


Vidarr: A pre-feasibility study is available.


Ideal city: The project is available under request.


Vidarr: It is started the process for thepatent.

Why not?

Don't be afraid to think different!


Complex things are built by a long chain of simple things, but never of simplified things


Architecture in its apotheosis of sensations, also disfiguring its static limitations. "During the day and life, every person changes their mood and changes their needs. The home can offer the benchmarks where everyone finds the right feeling at the right time." The house takes on the shape of a small box if all the interior of the dwelling is looking for concentration or it can become unlimited if you are looking for an inspiration or a meditation time. The same house can become a square, pub or a meeting point where to meet your friends.

Keystone is born to generate feasibility projects by also applying the concepts of dnamic architecture by finding solutions in the field of urban planning, housing, innovative housing systems and resilience in its social, architectural and engineering facets and beyond.

Our backbone

We are dynamic, and we like to solve problems searching keystones solutions


DNAmic and KEYSTONE are linked with: p.o.s.

p.o.s. it encompasses engineering, management & construction with the spirit of offering businesses a full range of outsourcing activities to manage entire corporate branches or individual offices or services, capitalizing on the experience gained over the years in the individual disciplines of specialization and presence on the international market. BPO - Business Process Outsourcing, a wide range of front and back office processes to manage in outsourcing to facilitate the transformation or implementation of new processes in the Company.

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