The Vidarr project is an integrated system that aims at minimizing the costs and timing of having high-quality temporary housing in case of disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, wars ...
The accommodations you get are of the highest quality, high flexibility and simple to use and to handle

Each accommodation is divided into two parts: The technical part "Kernel" that focuses everything in a typical home is considered "technological" and a part of completion, understood as all that makes liveable a home.

Military housing
Student housing
Housing for managers
Olympic games campus
Holiday village / Resort
Temporary Housing for employers

Source and Destination (3) are self-financing and even earn income during normal life because they are destined for other purposes, and for this reason, the parties are always and consistently maintained and ready to use


Mountain Communities
Isolated communities


When needed, the technical part in a very short time is easily removed and reused as a basis for temporary accommodation. The completion of the accommodation is a mere closure with no structural elements with very low technology and easy to find such as: tents (1), wooden panels (2). In the event that the technical part is inserted inside a supporting structure (3)such as a parking lot or a sports hall ..., the closure of the temporary accommodation is realized by plasterboard panels (or similar) made by, for example: fire brigade, Humanitarian organizations or military engineering corps.

The advantages are: the maximum personalization of the temporary accommodation, the immediate use and immediate availability of adequate amount of accommodation located throughout the country.
The system is applicable to urban centres of all sizes or isolated communities.
This way, no country can be unprepared in handling any emergency and does not need extraordinary funding, ad hoc legislations, and emergency management. Conversely, everything can be managed in non-emergency times.

The Vidarr project is not one of the many provisional housing modules, but a new housing methodology that builds on the experience of industrial design. In particular, the “skid” technology adapted to follow the more sophisticated architectural requirements. For this reason, this is not prefabricated or modules system, but it is an integrated construction that use state of the art aims the optimizing interdisciplinary processes.

Executive summary

extract  of the pre-feasibility study

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Vidarr is known as a God capable of physical modification, because it is in fact written that will extend his body to touch the jaws of the wolf that killed his father Odin.

Vidarr is considered a God of "expansion", understood as growth initiation. By virtue of its transformation of its "expansion" will have the strength to hit the beast in the heart with sword.

          Vidarr is the best name for a project that, by a "physical     modification" , aims to give a basis to start to those who have lost everything and eliminate the chaos in organization  that occurs after a catastrophic event.

A disaster does not exist by nature. It is the human being that converts a natural event in potential disaster.

Example of application of the project Vidarr


Risks evaluation by authorities

2-Application of the project Vidarr

The scenario was already approved from the authorities in non emergency time


Transfer of the population to the temporary housing of the project Vidarr


The population is safe in the temporary housing of the project Vidarr

We are proud to announce that Project Vidarr is underway!

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Project Vidarr is in "DESIGN4DISASTER"



In case the authorities call for quick evacuation

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